Relationships are like the seasons.

In spring, everything is new. Budding and growing, starting to flourish, everything is alive, vibrant, thrilling. The world is potential starting to actualize. It’s bright, full of hope and promise.

Then summer hits. Maturity. Sometimes it is beautiful, sometimes uncomfortable but, overall, it is flourishing. There are storms but they pass. The days of tending and nurturing may also be in the past. Enjoy this season, for it is the time before the fall.

Autumn is when things start to get worse. The withering begins. It gets colder. The beauty of the past seems to be disappearing.

And finally, it is winter, and things are dead. You can wait it out and hope that it will come to life again.

Or you can move on. All relationships end, either through death or breaking up. Whichever way it goes, it had its life and it should be judged by its beauty and not its duration.

I'm a midwesterner who is living this phase of his life in the arts.